Refresher and Confidence Building Drives

Refresher or confidence building drives are very useful in a variety of circumstances and the drive would be tailored to your specific needs and requests

There are so many reasons to take a refresher or confidence building driving course;

  • Maybe you’re getting a new car and would like some advice on how to adjust to the new controls
  • You could be switching from a manual to automatic (or visa versa) and would like some advice on how the change could affect your driving.
  • You may have moved areas and would like some help to get to know the area around you better.
  • Maybe you haven’t driven for a few years and would like some more practice before you drive independently again.
  • You could simply be struggling with a certain manoeuvre and would like to conquer it.

The drive(s) would start with a basic eyesight test (reading a number plate from a 20m distance). The practical drive will cover a variety of roads, from 20mph through to 60mph taking in different road and junction layouts. All forward and reverse manoeuvres will be covered (we can also go over the emergency stop upon request).

Recommended Reading

  • The Highway code.
  • Driving The essential skills.

All official publications by DSA, available through or book shops.