Pass Plus

By choosing to take part in the Pass Plus scheme, you have shown that you want to develop the skills for “safe driving for life”.

This will not only keep you safe by reducing the risk of being involved in a road crash, but save you money on running costs, and insurance. In a recent survey of L test candidates;
93% felt more confident on the road.

89% considered that their driving skills had improved.

The course is for a minimum of 6 hrs, and you’ll be taught how to deal with situations you may not have faced before:

  • Driving in fog, rain, snow, & ice.
  • Driving in the dark.
  • Motorway & dual carriageways.
  • City driving.

There is no test at the end. Instead, you will be assessed throughout: you must cover all the modules to complete the training. Enjoy the course, and have FUN!