Motorway Tuition

Maybe you have never driven on dual carriageway or motorway, or maybe you’re nervous of driving on them

They are unlike any other roads due to the increase of lanes & higher volumes of traffic. Motorways have their own signs & rules, which will be covered before you venture onto the motorway.

This day course covers the following elements which will give you the knowledge & confidence to drive on motorways independently & with no test at the end!

  • Planning journeys.
  • Joining & leaving.
  • Overtaking & lane discipline.
  • Driver fatigue.
  • Breakdown & Emergency procedures (use of lights including the hazard warning  lights)
  • Effective observation, planning in advance. Speed selection in different circumstances.
  • Signs, signals & road markings.
  • Weather conditions & debris on the roads.
  • Smart motorways

Recommended Reading

We recommend that you read through the following materials

  • The Highway Code
  • Driving: The Essential Skills

All official publications by DSA are available through or bookshops.