Mock Test

Mock tests are useful in a wide variety of situations

  • Maybe you have been learning to drive without using an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) & would like to
    know whether you are achieving the standard to take the ‘ L plate’ practical driving test.
  • Maybe you are nervous of how the driving test is conducted & marked, a mock test would help you
  • Maybe you are nervous & stressed in exam circumstances & would like some help in controlling the

Mock tests are conducted as closely to the real test as possible. The test will start with the eyesight test (reading a number plate at 20m) followed with the Show Me, Tell me questions. The practical drive will cover a variety of roads 20mph through to 60mph, taking in different road & junction layouts. All forward & reverse manoeuvres will be tested along with emergency stops. A full debrief will be given at the end.

Recommended Reading

We recommend that you read through the following materials

  • The Highway Code
  • Driving: The Essential Skills
  • The Official Driving Test

All official publications by DSA are available through or bookshops.