Our Driving Lessons

Your lessons will complete the following syllabus in a fun and structured way so that you see your car control and confidence build lesson by lesson, on all types of roads and in all traffic conditions.

If we’re unable to complete a subject practically, we will cover the theory of the subject in great detail. If you do not see the specific subject that you’re looking for in the list below, please contact me for further information.


To enable you to use the car controls smoothly and confidently to your benefit while driving the car.


Turning left, right and following the road ahead on T-junctions, crossroads, roundabouts, one-way systems, and dual carriageways. This will also include traffic signals and pedestrian crossings.

Hazard Perception

A technique that you can use to see ahead and enable you to perceive hazards that will need you to react. This will lead onto anticipating hazards and how to meet oncoming vehicles, giving way and keeping enough clearance.

Open Road Driving

Understanding how to read the road and bends so that you are able to maintain the flow of traffic. We will also cover overtaking, lay-bys and the techniques of driving and stopping in all weather and light conditions.


Starting with a straight line and then onto turning the car in the road (3 point turn), and reversing around a corner (left and right)


By the end of your training, you will be able to park on the left or right, forward or reverse, straight or at an angle (bay parking and parallel parking). Uphill or downhill.

Emergency Stops

Emergency stops from 20mph through to 60mph are completed so that you’re able to stop within your safety gaps on all roads. We shall also use the ABS brakes and stop in all weather and road conditions.