Assessment Drives

Assessment drives are very useful in a variety of circumstances

  • Maybe you are changing cars & would like some advice on how to make the car controls work best for you.
  • Maybe you are changing from a manual car to an automatic or visa versa, & would like some advice on how the change could affect your drive.
  • Maybe you have been driving for some years & would like to assess whether you are driving safely with due consideration to those around you using all the controls correctly.
  • Maybe you have not driven for some years and would like to assess whether you are okay to drive Independently again.

The assessment drive/s would start with the eyesight test (reading a number plate at 20m). The practical drive will cover a variety of roads 20mph through to 60mph, taking in different road & junction layouts. All forward & reverse manoeuvres will be assessed along with emergency stops. There would be NO pass/fail result at the end just an honest & full debrief about your drive. There may be parts that you would wish to take further training on to improve or know your weakness so that you could improve within your normal driving.

Recommended Reading

We recommend that you read through the following materials

  • The Highway Code
  • Driving: The Essential Skills

All official publications by DSA are available through or bookshops.